Khalsa Camp is a well established name which represents one of the highest quality and most inspirational Sikh camp available in the world. At Khalsa Camp, our aim is to provide everyone who attends in depth knowledge of your Guru’s teachings in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Khalsa Camp will encourage everyone for the full week to live the Sikh way of life from early morning mediation through to Sikh martial arts.

What is Khalsa Camp?

Khalsa Camp is a non-profit event that takes place every summer in Australia, UK, New Zealand and Canada, allowing Sikhs to come together in a remote location to learn about various aspects of Sikhi. Khalsa Camp provides accommodation and food for attendees for the duration of the camp. The content of the camp is a mixture of talks, discussions, seminars, Kirtan, Simran and activities. We always work hard to bring the most enlightening, inspiring and educational experience you can imagine.

What’s different about Khalsa Camp Australia?

Khalsa Camp Australia’s focus will be not so much on just providing information about Sikhi to you, but inspiring you to incorporate Sikhi into your life. Khalsa Camp Australia will have a continued focus on discovering your inner spirit as well as a strong emphasis on the importance of living the Sikh way of life. 

The atmosphere of Khalsa Camp is always friendly, relaxed and light-hearted.

How will I benefit from Khalsa Camp Australia?

The aim of Khalsa Camp is to help you “Discover the Spirit Within”. 

It is common for Sikhs to live their lives without any spiritual experiences and consequently remain without feeling God’s love. Many find it difficult to begin their spiritual journey, despite efforts they may make. 

Khalsa Camp Australia seeks to push-start those who need to begin their journey, inspire those who have already begun and share with those who have travelled far on the path of God.

What usually happens at Khalsa Camp Australia?

In General, you can expect there to be around 1 or 2 in-depth and stimulating talks a day, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and work together in workshops. We always arrange fun and exciting activities to get your blood flowing! There will also be plenty of Kirtan, Simran and of course, great food! However, the main benefit of Khalsa Camp Australia will be the great atmosphere and eye-opening experiences, which all previous campers in Khalsa Camp UK and Canada talk about.

Khalsa Camp Australia is an unmissable opportunity that is not easily described – you have to be there to experience it yourself!